Nastya Wilson

About Me


Nastya discovered her passion for dancing in grade school, where she began training hip-hop dance as part of the school’s educational program. In addition to excelling in professional synchronized swimming for 7 years, she decided to pursue dance and bring her skills from the pool to the stage.

Today, Nastya is a well-known Vogue performer, who represents The House of West, a ballroom house. She has achieved Legendary Status for her performances in multiple categories.

Nastya’s extensive training in a diverse array of dance styles has established her as a highly versatile and skilled dancer and choreographer. 

Nastya has been creating captivating and original performances for multiple projects and artists for over  decade. She made history as the first choreographer to create a vogue piece for an artist on a big stage in Russia, cementing her reputation as a groundbreaking force in the dance world.

Nastya have been working as a dancer and choreographer with multiple artists such as Culture Beat, Le Truk, Rednex, T.A.T.U. , Ace of Base and others.